Historic Lapham House

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Lapham House History

If you choose to stay in the Lapham House in downtown Canandaigua,

you are staying in a previous U.S. Senators house from the 1800s.

There is a very good chance his cousin, Susan B Anthony, was in this house at some point.

Canandaigua Historic Society called it the “Lapham House” due to the US Senator that purchased and lived at the home from 1850-1865. It appears the house was built in 1814 based on a title search and transfer from “Supervisors of Ontario County to R. Wells”.

Elbridge G. Lapham was born in the village of Farmington, New York, in 1814. Lapham grew up in the area and attended the Canandaigua Academy. Initially, he pursued a career in civil engineering, before he transitioned into studying law, and later entered politics. In 1881 he was elected as a U.S. Senator from New York State and served from 1881-1885, succeeding Roscoe Conkling. His cousins include Nathan Lapham, Christopher Lloyd, and Susan B. Anthony.

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